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In-Line Recycling Plant

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Panchal In-Line Recycling Plant is for In-house waste called production waste generated during production of film, tape, etc. as this machine is also capable to recycle Pre & Post consumer waste which is washed before using in process. 

This machine is combination of Cutter Compactor (Densifier) + Extruder. This machine has better processing compare to traditional trend.

Extruder is available as a single-screw extruder with & Without degassing – series

  • NV - Non-degassing
  • SV -Single Degassing/Vent
  • DV - Double Degassing/Vent 
  • DHV - Double High Vacuum Degassing/Vent

  • High-performance and flexible plastics recycling


Technical benefits

Economic benefits

  • Double & Triple degassing with Densifier/cutter compactor, best screw design and extruder degassing ensure highly degassing of the filtered molten polymer
  • Higher homogenisation efficiency downstream of filtration and upstream of degassing enhances the subsequent degassing performance and improves the characteristics of the melt
  • High-quality granules even with materials that are difficult to process such as heavily printed films and very high moisture materials.
  • Engergy-SAVE reduces energy consumption by up to 30%  compare to Individual machine, as well as production costs.
  • Compact machine.

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