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Double / Four Shaft Shredder

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Double Shaft series has been developed for particularly heavy industrial use. These two-shaft shredders are also known as rotary shears and are suitable in particular for shredding metals and tires. A four-shaft shredder is often used down-stream in a second shredding process to reduce granule size even further, and particularly high through-put rates can be achieved using this combination. Even with low speeds and very high torque the machines are capable of shredding heavy gauge metals. If you need to process very bulky or awkwardly shaped metal objects, a compression feeder will help to ensure the required through-put.

A growing environmental awareness demands an innovative future concept. The recycling of plastic, paper and cardboard is becoming more important, with the amount of waste paper increasing in the coming years. Thus the implementation of PANCHAL machines for economical shredding of plastic, paper and cardboard contributes significantly to the saving of resources and in addition, on the basis of volume reduction, saves on costly storage and production areas. PANCHAL has a suitable machine in their range of shredders for many different applications. Whether the required specification is for large or small quantities of waste, our machines are capable of shredding paper, cardboard, entire sheets or huge paper rolls or any other paper waste accumulating from production, as well as documents or beverage containers made of compound materials. Strong, robust drives and rotors especially configured for paper and cardboard shredding make it possible to process difficult to shred material with a minimum of operational costs. Contact us and we will gladly recommend a machine that is suitable for you.


Application -

  • Plastics — Reclaimed Material, Production Waste
  • Paper — Documents, Mill Waste
  • Electronic Scrap — WEEE Directive Materials / E-Waste
  • Tyres — Car, 4×4, Light Commercial, Truck & OTR
  • Wood — Pallets, Furniture, Board
  • Packaging Materials — Cardboard
  • Metals — Aluminium, Copper, Steel (Drums, Sheet etc), ELV Body Shells
  • Textiles — Clothing, Carpet

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