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PP Raffia Recycling ( Woven recycling tape / Fabric )

PP Raffia Recycling ( Woven recycling tape / Fabric )

We have 3 type of Recycling Solution for such product:

1)BASIC -Grinder, Agglomerator, Extruder a)Strand pelletizer b)Die face water

2)BASIC-1-Grinder - Mother baby Extruder - Strand pelletizer

3)ADVANCE -Grinds - Force Feeder - Extruder - Die face water

4)PRIME - In-Line Recycling Plant

PE Trim Waste of Multi / Mono Layer

PE Trim waste of Multi / Mono Layer

On line trim recycling plant.

Metalised film waste

Metalised film waste

Foam waste

Foam Waste

EPE, EPS or other foam waste can be process in Mother Baby extruder means, First extruder have long screw with venting to remove all the gases and moisture and goes to second stage extuder have short lenght and filter and pelletize.

Post consumer waste recycler

Post consumer waste recycler

Post cosnsumer waste or Roadside waste need First sorting, Grinding, Washing & Drying, then it comes to Granulation process i.e. Grinding/Agglomerator, Extruder with different cutting type i.e. Strand Pelletizer, Die-face water and air etc.


High Moisture waste

High Moisture Waste

High moisture waste contain material which really need to dry prior to process in extruder, but we have extruder which can take high upt to 8% which is In-line recycling plant.

Please contact our experts for further information or in order to arrange a demonstration / test with your material free of charge at Panchal Trial & Test Centre and see the benefits for yourself. 

Our plant with the highest drying and degassing capacity:

Continue with In Line Recycling Plant

Blow moulding waste

Blow Moulding Waste

Spool runner

Spool Runner

Injection grinder

Polyester yarn recycling Plant

Film, Sheet, Tape, Fabric, Yarn etc.

Process of start up Lumps, fibre, baler, tape piler, large crate, drum, thick wall items, pipe etc

Shredder - Grinder - Extruder - Strand + Die face

Grinding solution

We have special grinder for each application i.e for Film, Tape, Sheet, Yarn, Fabric etc.

Recycling Solution (Granulation/Pelletizing)

We have 4 type of Recycling Solution for each material and form of waste i.e.

Moulded articles like Can, Drum, Barrel, Bumpur etc.

Mixed Plastic waste to by Product

Moulded motor plastic into fencing pole etc...

PET Bottle Washing Line

PET Wash line (HOT Wash)

We have Fully Automatic Line for PET bottle to PET Clean Flake Hot wash type with double Hot wash system to get prime quality flake for Fiber, Yarn, Sheet & Chips. Visit PET Bottle Washing Line

PET Flake to Chips/Granule

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