Panchal Plastic Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

We have specialized exclusively in the development, designing and fabrication of recycling plants for the plastics - rubber recycling & processing industry 40+ Years.

Who We Are

We have specialized exclusively in the development, designing and fabrication of recycling plants for the plastics recycling & processing industry.
Unique, uncommon but reliable technologies, vast experience and worldwide service availability have made us to a world leader in this sector

Panchal, the inventor of the Agglomerator/Densifier machine offer a vast array of plastic films, Sheet, Tape, Fiber, Yarn and other plastic waste. we also offer slow speed single-shaft shredder, offers a vast array of plastic lumps/purge, pipes, molded article like drums, crate, car bumpers, plastic grinder/granulators. we offer full turn-key system design and installation.

Panchal is a leading ISO 9001 : 2015 certified manufacturer of advanced, Agglomerator/Densifier, Grinder/Granulator, Shredder/Crusher, Mixer, Extruder for Recycling and associated systems technology. For over 40 years.

For information, or to schedule a test, call: +91-7046463391 or +91-7046463396

Portfolio: We want to suggest a series of machines that can satisfy a wide range of needs in a cost-effective and long-term manner.
Partners: We are interested in forming long-term relationships that benefit all parties involved. We are strong believers in building and maintaining trustworthy relationships with our customers.
Persons: We want to build and sustain a productive work atmosphere in which people are encouraged to be constructive and give their all by recognizing collective and individual accomplishments.

The happiness of our customers is our primary target. It is the benchmark through which we measure our acts and decisions. To achieve this aim, we believe it is important to manage the customer relationship, which includes listening to his demands and fully comprehending his needs. Our strategies are always in line with our clients’ requirements. Our professionalism and inventiveness are at your disposal.

Environmentally-Friendly Technology: Environmentally Friendly Technology: Our technology helps you to recover waste materials and transform them into resources that can be reused in the manufacturing process. You will reduce the amount of material that goes to waste by using our granulators. As a result, two main goals are met: “The environment is safeguarded by reducing the amount of waste material generated and by reducing the demand for virgin resources, preventing further depletion of other important resources on the earth.” “Our consumers have the potential to save money on waste disposal and even benefit from products that would otherwise be discarded.”
Quality: We pay close attention to every stage of production to ensure the best possible quality for our customers.
Passion: What motivates us is our enthusiasm for our work, which drives us to constantly search out new ideas for creativity, as well as more effective and competitive solutions. We are delighted to say that our products are “Made in India,” which means efficiency, professionalism, and commitment to us.
Reliability: For us, seriousness and confidence are fundamental values. We are dedicated to providing the best goods and services possible; our experience is available to our customers, and we do our best to satisfy their requirements.
We like to collaborate with people who share our beliefs and adhere to the same standards.