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Panchal is a famous brand name in plastic processing machine manufacturers in India. Get all types of plastic solutions for your plant or industry with the help of Agglomerators, Grinders, Extruders, Shredder, Blenders & many more machineries.

Plastic Agglomeration Machine Manufacturers in Gujarat, India: Design and Prices

Panchal Plastic is a manufacturer of plastic agglomeration machines in Gujarat, India. This a-series plastic agglomerator machine is designed to be used for recycling thermoplastic film, tape, PET bottle flakes.

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Plastic Scrap Grinder

Panchal plastic grinders are the solution for recycling waste from blow molding, from smaller containers to large-sized fuel tanks and barrels. Either side of the press or central placement of the 12" and 15" grinders process small waste, whereas the 18" and 24" series are designed for large volumes of waste. The 30" and 40" heavy-duty series are built for the most severe applications.

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PET Bottle Grinder

Panchal Plastic is a manufacturer of PET bottle scrap grinder machines in Gujarat, India. Our high-quality PET bottle crusher machines are designed for PET bottle recycling and crushing of plastic materials.

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Fiber Cutter Machine Manufacturers in Gujarat, India

Panchal Plastic is the highest manufacturer of fiber cutters and fiber grinding machines in Gujarat, India. Cutter grinder machines are used for grinding plastic materials, such as drills, reamers, and taps, PP and HDPE.

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Plastic Lumps Grinder Machine Manufacturers in Gujarat, India

Panchal Plastic is a manufacturer of plastic lumps grinder machine in Gujarat, India. Our plastic lumps grinding machine is used in the plastic processing industry for grinding big plastic lumps to small pieces.

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