Extruder Double Stage-Mother-Baby Type

Panchal Double Stage Extruder is for processing waste which is highly printed or high gas formation during reprocess.

This machine has 2 stage extruder 1st Extruder has longer L/D compare to 2nd extruder.

Process of this machine is feed to 1st extruder and filtered and removed gas and melt purge in to 2nd extruder for further granules.



Mother Baby so called Double Stage Extruder is widely used for processing waste which is highly printed or washed material which generate high gas formation during reprocess.

Technical Benefits

  • Extruder Screw design for Highly degassing of the filtered molten polymer
  • 2 times filter in 2 different filter mesh size
  • 2 time degassing, one in mother extruder degassing port and another in exit of mother extruder to baby extrudre feeding.
  • Higher homogenisation efficiency downstream of filtration and upstream of degassing enhances the subsequent degassing performance and improves the characteristics of the melt


  • A screw design guarantees gentle melting and produces pellets with minimum degradation.
  • The minimal loss of physical characteristics allows one to use repelletized scrap at full value to virgin resin in many products.
  • A high degree of process stability minimizes the influence of the operating personnel on pellet quality.
  • Simple access to wear parts reduces scheduled downtime to a minimum.
  • Robust design, high-grade materials and top quality manufacturing in combination with the finest possible controls and proven electronics, guarantee a long service life.
  • Due to the excellent output rate in combination with low operating and energy costs the machine typically offers an extremely short payback period.
  • We are pleased to calculate both your recycling operational costs per kg [lbs] and the payback period.


Ceramic Heating

Power saving ceramic heater and long life.

Extruder Screw

Screw made of EN41B nitride steel duly gas nitride.


Heavy duty helical gearbox with oil lubrication and water cooling for oil.

Mother baby Hopper

Technical Data

Production (KG/HR.)75-125100-160120-200180-300280-460
Screw Diameter (mm)7590100120150
L/D Ratio32:132:132:132:132:1
Heating Load (kW)2530355272
Main Motor (kW)2230375575
Screw Diameter (mm)7590100120150
L/D Ratio10:110:110:110:110:1
Heating Load (kW)78121520
Main Motor (kW)5.57.5111518
Palletizer (kW)

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Mother Baby Extruder 100mm Vented with double screen changer

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