In-Line Recycling Plant (3 in 1 Recycling Plant)

Panchal In-Line Recycling Plant is for In-house waste called production waste generated during production of film, tape, etc. as this machine is also capable to recycle Pre & Post consumer waste which is washed before using in process.

This machine is combination of Cutter Compactor (Densifier) + Extruder. This machine has better processing compare to traditional trend.

Extruder is available as a single-screw extruder with & Without degassing – series

NV – Non-degassing
SV -Single Degassing/Vent
DV – Double Degassing/Vent
DHV – Double High Vacuum Degassing/Vent
High-performance and flexible plastics recycling



Specialized in gentle converting of Trim, Rolls, Loose LDPE,LLDPE,HDPE,PP Film, Sheet, Bags, Raffia waste into high quality pellets.

  • Plain unprinted film
  • Film roll scrap
  • Multilayer films (e.g. PE/PET/PP/PA)
  • Slightly printed films
  • Highly printed films

Technical Benefits

  • Double & Triple degassing with Densifier/cutter compactor, best screw design and extruder degassing ensure highly degassing of the filtered molten polymer
  • Higher homogenisation efficiency downstream of filtration and upstream of degassing enhances the subsequent degassing performance and improves the characteristics of the melt

Economic Benefits

  • High-quality granules even with materials that are difficult to process such as heavily printed films and very high moisture materials.
  • Engergy-SAVE reduces energy consumption by up to 30% compare to Individual machine, as well as production costs.
  • Compact machine.


Ceramic Heating

The A-Series Cutting technology is able to cut most plastic film, Tape, Fabric & Bags. Everything is cut to the desired particles size.

Digital Panel

Extruder Screw

Discharge system is with Pneumatic and Screw type for fastest discharge of material from the drum.

Degassing vent


Control Panel is consisting of all safety related to machine with Single phase preventer, Over load preventer.

Technical Data

OUTPUT KG/HR.100-180200-300350-500650-800800-1000900-12001000-1500
CUTTER KW35-4030-3525-3015-208-105-84-6
EXTRUDER (kW)30/3755/75110/132132/160160/200200/250250/315
NV LENGTH26262626262626
SV DIAMETER35353535353535

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IN-LINE RECYCLING (3 in 1 Recycling)



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