PET-Bottle Grinder

Panchal provides an ideal choice of granulators for recycling plastic waste from PET Bottle applications. Waste and rejects of all sizes ranging from diverse small containers up to large plastic barrels and as 20 ltrs pose no problems. Models can be configured for either central or beside-the-press operation. Smaller waste are taken care of by the 18″- Series, large family 24″-Series and 30″-Series machine chew rapidly through larger containers, while the heavy-duty 40″ Series and 48″ model are designed for really tough tasks. A number of in-feed systems and hopper alternatives tailor the various models to your specific application.


  • Bottle Force Feeding system also provide in Grinder if needed (optional)
  • Sepcial Rotor Design with wear plate
  • Curved Backwall with more are for large volume parts
  • Specially developed 3rd knives/blades -deflector wedg
  • Strong Welded Steel construction
  • D2 Steel Blades/Knives
  • Heavy duty bearings & Housing out of cutting chamber
  • Tilt Back Hopper with Auger (optional-hydraulic)
  • Jig Fixture for Knives to adjusted outside of the machine
  • Safety interlock
  • Dropdown Screen Cardle on front side


Grinder Rotor

Provides full and easy access to the complete interior of the cutting chamber including the granule bin and the screen. This gives unmatched access to both rotating and fixed knives when serviced. And, when you change material and/or colour, you get complete control of the cleaning – Visually clean inspection

Front Screen Cardle

Provides full access to the interior of the cutter house. Cleaning and maintenance with full visibility and accessibility.

Manual Jack

Provides a secure and efficient opening of the granulator.

V Belt Drive

Provides powerful and energy-saving granulation at the same time.

Cross Body Opening

Provides full access to the interior of the cutter house. Cleaning and maintenance with full visibility and accessibility.

Jig Fixture

rotor and fixed knives/blades are adjusted outside of the granulator by using jig fixture.

Technical Data

Main Motor (HP)75/10050/603015107.5
Cutterhouse (Inches)40x3630x2624x2218x815x1512x12
Production Kg./Hr.800-1000400-600200-250100-15075-10050-75
Screen hole (mm)8/10/128/10/128/10/128/10/128/10/128/10/12
Rotor TypeOpen/StaggerdOpen/StaggerdOpen/StaggerdOpen/StaggerdOpenOpen
Blower with cyclone*3HP3HP3HP2HP2HP1HP

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Slow Speed Granulator





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