PET Flake to Chips (Pellets)

The Panchal Inline solution is the direct path. You can go straight from post-consumer PET flakes to finished thermoforming sheet or bottle preforms, as well as finished strapping or monofilaments, with this approach. There is a path that will get you to your destination quicker. There will be no detours. A method that helps you to save energy and space while still rising efficiency and lowering costs.



  • Post-consumer PET flakes in a single process stage in pellets.
  • Extremely safe, high-quality granules.
  • Easy to use, with a high level of automation.


Special die head

Special Cooling Bath

Strand Pelletizer Rotary

Technical Data

OUTPUT KG/HR.100-180200-300350-500650-800800-1000900-12001000-1500
CUTTER KW22/3045/5555/7575/9090/110132/160200/250
EXTRUDER (kW)30/3755/6275/90110/132160/200200/250250/315
NV LENGTH26262626262626
SV DIAMETER35353535353535

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