PET Bottle Washing line is configuration as per contamination in input bottle condition. We provide 500 to 2000 kg/hr Fully automatic plant. Consisting of

  • Bale Opener
  • Label Remover
  • Rotary Trommal
  • Shorting Belt with metal detector
  • Wet Grinder,
  • Friction washer
  • Sink-Float Tank
  • Hot Wash Reactor
  • De-watering / Centrifugal dryer
  • Hot Air Spiral Pipe Dryer
  • ZZ Label Classifier
  • Silo
  • Screw and Belt conveyor

– Highly decontaminated flakes

– Low water consumption
– Environment friendly washing process with low chemicals consumption
– Highly automated recycling process with a very poor need of manpower.

Technical Data

500 Kg/h ± 10%PVC < 40 PPM
1000 Kg/h ± 10%PO < 10 PPM
2000 Kg/h ± 10%PAPER < 10 PPM
2500 Kg/h ± 10%GLUE < 10 PPM
3000 Kg/h ± 10%RESIDUAL pH < 10
5000 Kg/h ± 10%HUMIDITY < 0,7%
7000 Kg/h ± 10%COLOR b < 3
9000 Kg/h ± 10%Δ COLOR b < 4
Label Stripper/Scraper is to remove label from Grinded PET Bottle. It is design as per the output i .e kg/hr.
Panchal provides an ideal choice of granulators for PET Bottle supplied with Wet & Dry both model Wet Grinder give better cutting, less fines generation and long life blade interval.
The friction washer is made of a cylindrical trough with an inclined high speed running paddle screw to dewater and clean ground material (film flakes, granules and similar material). The screw is fixed in the bearing housing by the means of two bearings and enclosed by a stainless steel screen. …
Sink-float tank used for floating material like film/lables like LDPE/HDPE/PP etc and all the sink material ilke PVC/PET/PC etc
Centrifugal Dryer (Vertical type) is an Centrifuge which remove surface water from Soft to Rigid material Input Moisture 25% Output Moisture 2-3% Rigid material like HDPE/PS/ABS/PET Flakes Soft material like LDPE/HDPE/PP Film.

The material is conveyed through a circular tube arrangement. This design is for low volume throughputs. The Product stream is sucked together with the hot air into the blower. Passing the blower, the product is turbulent contact with the hot air, and blown through a circle shaped drying section of …

Label Separator is to remove label/paper from Grinded PET Bottle flakes. It is design as per the output i .e kg/hr.