Friction Washer

The friction washer is made of a cylindrical trough with an inclined high speed running paddle screw to dewater and clean ground material (film flakes, granules and similar material).

The screw is fixed in the bearing housing by the means of two bearings and enclosed by a stainless steel screen.
The ground material and water are fed from above at the lower end of the trough.
Then the material is washed while being transported to the outlet at the top of the trough.
Fines and water are thrown through the fine screen to the outside while the friction of the high-speed screw cleans the material.
The drain is located at the lower end of the trough.
The screen is automatically cleaned by means of a water-rinsing unit.


Special Design Features:-
-Mainly used for the washing of plastic film & plastic flake after shredded.
-The dirty material or sands will be removed by the centrifugal force producing by the high-speed rotating of the main shaft.
-The blades in the main shaft use anti-wearing steel & can be changeable.
-Seperate Bearing block from Water contact
-Dynamic balance rotor for sturdy run.


Screen Basket

Technical Data

See Friction Washer in Action:

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