PET Washing Line

We construct machines that are used in the plastic recycling process. PET are handled by our equipment. Since each type of plastic has unique properties and the production of recyclable new ground materials must meet a variety of demands, recycling requirements may differ.


-Bottle bales are placed into a bale breaker as they arrive at the recycling line. They are subsequently washed in a caustic solution, which is discharged from the flake-washing module and would otherwise be thrown away. The primary impurities are eliminated here, resulting in less machine wear in the procedures that follow.

-Following the pre-washing, manual and automatic sorting occurs. The bottles are then grind into flakes using a wet granulator. After being separated from water and pulp in a centrifuge, the flakes are transferred to a final separation. An air separation is used to remove tiny particles after drying.

Technical Data

PVC < 40 PPM500 Kg/h ± 10%
PO < 10 PPM1000 Kg/h ± 10%
PAPER < 10 PPM2000 Kg/h ± 10%
GLUE < 10 PPM2500 Kg/h ± 10%
RESIDUAL pH < 103000 Kg/h ± 10%
HUMIDITY < 0,7%5000 Kg/h ± 10%
COLOR b < 37000 Kg/h ± 10%
Δ COLOR b < 49000 Kg/h ± 10%

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PET Bottle Washing line

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