Spin Dryer

Centrifugal Dryer (Vertical type) is an Centrifuge which remove surface water from Soft to Rigid material.
Input Moisture 25%
Output Moisture 2-3% Rigid material like HDPE/PS/ABS/PET Flakes Soft material like LDPE/HDPE/PP Film.
For a gentle drying of the plastic flakes & virgin granule like PE, PA, PP, PS with simultaneous separation of impurities and fines


Centrifugal force in the spin dryer or vertical dryer generates a high firiction. The water or steam of dried materials with therfore also be disposed of dust by the vertical screens.
Special Design Features:-
-Rotor are dynamically balance.
-Split door on both side for screen/mesh & rotor access.
-Stainless Steel 304 construction.
-Gentle material treatment.
-Compact design.
– Low operating costs.


Spin Dryer Rotor

Technical Data

Main Motor (HP)57.510203040
Production Kg./Hr.100-200200-350400-500750-10001250-15001600-2000

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