Washing line provide with fully automatic and semi-automatic (Individual machine) like

  • Bale Opener
  • Trommal
  • PVC Label Remover/stripper
  • Sorting Conveyor Belt with Magnet
  • Wet & Dry Grinder/Granulator
  • Friction Washer
  • Sink-Float Tank
  • Hot Reactor
  • Centrifugal dryer / De-watering machine /Spin Dryer
  • Hot Air Spiral Pipe Dryer
  • Label Remover, etc.

– HDPE bottles
– Boxes
– Containers LDPE/PP
– Packaging film LDPE
– Agricultural film
– PP batteries

– Grinding
– Pre-washing
– Milling (with dry and wet mills)
– Washing process
– Centrifugation
– Drying
– Storage
– Waste water treatment system

Net output:
– 500 Kg/h ± 10%
– 1000 Kg/h ± 10%
– 2000 Kg/h ± 10%

The obtained flakes can be transformed into granules with the extrusion lines, having the following outputs:
– 150 Kg/h ± 10%
– 300 Kg/h ± 10%
– 500 Kg/h ± 10%
– 750 Kg/h ± 10%
– 1000 Kg/h ± 10%
– 1250 Kg/h ± 10%

Mini washing line (Economical Line) Mini Washing line provide Economical Line for Small Enterpurener to start up with short line. Wet & Dry Grinder/Granulator Turbo Washer Sink-Float Tank Centrifugal dryer / De-watering machine /Spin Dryer
Centrifuge is designed according to the principles of a horizontal centrifuge and includes the combination washing and a subsequent drying of shredded plastic material. The residual humidity of the material before further processing in the Densifier or the extruder is an essential element of the …
Specially designed for mixing Virgin + Master batch for homogenizes mixing for better processing extruder for better performance of color. Special tools design as per application.
The Turbo-wash replaces the pre-washing tank of the first-generation washing plants. The machine is designed according to the principles of a Vertical centrifuge and includes a combination of washing and a subsequent initial drying action. It is therefore possible to process very dirty pre-shredded …
Centrifugal Dryer (Vertical type) is an Centrifuge which remove surface water from Soft to Rigid material Input Moisture 25% Output Moisture 2-3% Rigid material like HDPE/PS/ABS/PET Flakes Soft material like LDPE/HDPE/PP Film.
Brief Description Click Here To Download Download Brochure The friction washer is made of a cylindrical trough with an inclined high speed running paddle screw to dewater and clean ground material (film flakes, granules and similar material). The screw is fixed in the bearing housing by the means …
Sink-float tank is used for floating material like film/lables like LDPE/HDPE/PP etc on the top and at the bottom all the sink material ilke PVC/PET/PC etc. both have different Discharge point to collect different material, based on density. It is mfg. as per application and size/capacity …