HDPE/PP Washing Line

HDPE/PP bottle, Crate, Drum recycling, one of the most important applications is undoubtedly blow and injection moulding, which has become one of the most essential final uses for investors in terms of investment returns and favourable results.

  1. Conveyor belt,
  2. Wet crusher
  3. Friction washer
  4. Sink Float Tank
  5. Horizontal Dryer
  6. Thermal dryer
  7. Bagging station


Special Design Features:-
– The HDPE/PP washing system was created to wash rigid material with contamination.

-Grinding machine is specifically designed for rigid materials to produce standardized particle sizes that are easy to wash and dry.

-Friction Washer is used for remove dirty and sands by the centrifugal force producing by the high-speed rotating of the rotor.

-Sink-float tank is used for floating material like film/lables like LDPE/HDPE/PP etc on the top and at the bottom all the sink material ilke PVC/PET/PC etc. both have different Discharge point to collect different material, based on density.

-The moisture content of the finished product is regulated by horizontal dryers and thermal drying systems. The material is ideal for high-quality pelletizing at a moisture content of less than 5%.

Technical Data

See HDPE/PP Washing Line in Action:

Washing and Drying of Pepsi Crate grinding

Horizontal Dryer Film PE

Centrifugal Dryer (Spin Dryer)

Turbo Washer PP Woven Bags raffia

MINI Washing Plant for HDPE Grinding Flakes/article/rigid

HDPE Turbo Washer and Vertical Dryer

Turbo Washer and Dryer for Film

Sink Float Tank for HDPE PP

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