Horizontal Dryer or Dewatering machine

Centrifuge is designed according to the principles of a horizontal centrifuge and includes the combination washing and a subsequent drying of shredded plastic material. The residual humidity of the material before further processing in the Densifier or the extruder is an essential element of the energy consumption of the regeneration plant. The Centrifuge has proved to be the machine best suited to dry the material, which exits the tank with a humidity of up to 40-50%, to a residual humidity of 4 -5 % for LDPE or PP Film and 1 -2 % for rigid material such as HDPE or PP. The mechanical drying is superior to the thermal drying concerning energy consumption.


Special Design Features:-
– Dynamic ballance Rotor for sturdy performance.
– Polygonal screen basket increase the drying and cleaning efficeincy.
– Heavy duty welded machine steel construction.
– Outside mounted pillow block bearing to keep away water to reach to the bearing.
– Replacable Rotor Paddle.
– Effective dry cleaning without water.


Rotor Technology

Technical Data

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