Mini Washing line (ECO-LINE)

Mini Washing line provide Economical Line for Small Entrepreneur to start up with short line.

Wet & Dry Grinder/Granulator
Turbo Washer
Sink-Float Tank
Centrifugal dryer / De-watering machine /Spin Dryer

We construct machines that are used in the plastic recycling process. PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PS, and other plastics are handled by our equipment. Since each type of plastic has unique properties and the production of recyclable new ground materials must meet a variety of demands, recycling requirements may differ.



Tailor Made Solution as per customer requirement for HDPE/PP/PET/ABS/PC/PS Hard Plastic Waste only
– Simple concepts and compact equipment.
– Easily operated Modular Systems and Single Machines.
– Adjustable Washing Times according to needing.
– Intensive Friction Turbo-Washing
– Hot-Washing for specific applications (PET, glue, fatty contaminants, etc.)
– Personalized executions.


Cross Body Opening

Provides full access to the interior of the cutter house. Cleaning and maintenance with full visibility and accessibility.

Centrifugal Technology

Drying Centrifuges are made of AISI304 stainless steel material.

Technical Data

See Mini Washing line (ECO-LINE) in Action:

Washing and Drying of Pepsi Crate grinding

Horizontal Dryer Film PE

Centrifugal Dryer (Spin Dryer)

Turbo Washer PP Woven Bags raffia

MINI Washing Plant for HDPE Grinding Flakes/article/rigid

HDPE Turbo Washer and Vertical Dryer

Turbo Washer and Dryer for Film

Sink Float Tank for HDPE PP

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