Sink-Float Tank

Sink-float tank is used for floating material like film/lables like LDPE/HDPE/PP etc on the top and at the bottom all the sink material ilke PVC/PET/PC etc. both have different Discharge point to collect different material, based on density. It is mfg. as per application and size/capacity kg/hr.


-A Sink FLoat Tank is ideal for PE/PP/PET/PVC/ABS/HIPS/PC bottle recycling.
The PET Flakes will sink to the bottom while other material such as plastic wrapper and bottle cap flakes with float,
Another application is mixed plastics streams.
Rigid PP/PE or film has a lower density making the plastics float while contaminatnt particles with sink to the bottom to be discarded.

-Effective separation of different specific densities.
-Dosage unit for density adhjustment of the water with salt for example.
-Compact design


Cutting Technology

Technical Data

Tank Width (mm)1000150018002200
Tank Length (mm)3000400050005000
No. of Paddle3/43/4/64/6/84/6/8
Total Power (HP)1.537.510
Production in LDPE (kg)300500750-10001500-2000
Production in PP/PET (kg)400-500800-10002000-30005000-6000

See Sink-Float Tank in Action:

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