The Turbo-wash replaces the pre-washing tank of the first-generation washing plants. The machine is designed according to the principles of a Vertical centrifuge and includes a combination of washing and a subsequent initial drying action. It is therefore possible to process very dirty pre-shredded material with high paper content and Aluminum foil residues. The Turbo-wash also improves the recovery rate of the Sink Float Tank.


Special Design Features:-
– Dynamic ballance Rotor for sturdy performance.
– Drum Side wall with Pocket screen increase the drying and cleaning efficeincy.
– Heavy duty welded machine steel construction.
– Isolated bearing housing to keep away water to reach to the bearing.
– Replacable Rotor.
– Effective high friction washing.
– Less Water Consumption.
– Batch Process.


Washing Rotor

Technical Data

See Turbo-Washer in Action:

Washing and Drying of Pepsi Crate grinding

Horizontal Dryer Film PE

Centrifugal Dryer (Spin Dryer)

Turbo Washer PP Woven Bags raffia

MINI Washing Plant for HDPE Grinding Flakes/article/rigid

HDPE Turbo Washer and Vertical Dryer

Turbo Washer and Dryer for Film

Sink Float Tank for HDPE PP

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