We stock a wide range of spare and replacement parts including knives, screens, belts and pulleys in our Umbergaon facility. Common parts are normally available for the following equipment.

Grinder/ Granulator Knives/Blades
Agglomerator/ Densifier Knives/Blades
Shredder Machine Knives/Blades
Die Face Cutting Blade
Screw Barrel

The Panchal Blade Benefit

Obviously, each application is unique, and blade sharpening needs vary according to throughput and use. Replacement blades are the most important operational costs involved with grinders, regardless of the application.

For an Example

A standard granulator processing Post Consumer or other abrasive materials at near capacity would require at least two knife changes or sharpening’s per week.

The regrind on most competitors’ grinder blades is between 8 and 9.5 mm, with around 1 mm being removed per sharpening. That means that in this application, one set of blades would last nine sharpening, or less than five weeks.

The Panchal Rotor and Blade configuration has a regrind capacity of 18mm, which is nearly twice that of competing versions. This equates to 18 sharpening and a nine-week average life expectancy. When you consider the blade savings (outside blade adjustment and continuous blade to screen clearance), the yearly savings add up to a significant amount, offering unrivalled value.

Let's Calculate

Competitor’s Blades

  • 52 weeks / 6 weeks usable life = 10sets of blades annually
  • Average cost per set of Blades = Rs.30,000 (INR)
  • Total annual blades expense = Rs.3,00,000 (INR)

Panchal Blades

  • 52 weeks / 10 weeks usable life = 5sets of blades annually
  • Average cost per set of Blades = Rs.30,000 (INR)
  • Total annual blades expense = Rs.1,50,000 (INR)

PANCHAL Customers Saves up to Rs. 1,20,000 (INR) Annually in Blades cost

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