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The D-Series agglomerator is a revolutionary plastic recycling machine that shreds and pressurizes plastic waste, heating it to optimal processing temperatures. This thermal transformation yields highly viscous material, which is then densified into easily manageable cubes upon the introduction of cold water.

The D-Series agglomerator offers a myriad of benefits, including high efficiency, versatile processing, quality output, and sustainable impact. It optimizes the recycling process, reducing waste volume and streamlining operations. It also accommodates a diverse range of plastic materials, making it a versatile asset for recycling facilities. Additionally, the machine delivers dense cubes, ensuring a seamless transition to the extrusion stage. By promoting efficient plastic recycling, the D-Series agglomerator actively contributes to environmental sustainability.

Elevate your recycling efforts with the D-Series agglomerator. Contact us today to explore how this cutting-edge machine can empower your recycling facility and revolutionize your plastic recycling processes.

D-Series Agglomerator: How It Works

The D-Series Agglomerator is a batch-operated machine that is used to process plastic waste. The machine has a processing chamber that is loaded with the waste material before the process begins. The high-energy blades shred the material and press it under the rotor, which heats the material to the processing temperature. At this temperature, the material becomes highly viscous. Subsequently, cold water is injected into the process, which causes the material to densify. The resulting dense cubes are easy to feed into an extruder for further processing.


Blades of agglomerator
Cutting Technology

The D-Series Cutting technology is able to cut most plastic film, Tape, Yarn, Wiry, Fabric & Bags. Everything is cut to the desired particles size.

Agglomerator discharge point
Pneumatic Discharge

Discharge system is with Pneumatic and Screw type for fastest discharge of material from the drum.

control panel of agglomerator
Control Panel

Control Panel is consisting of all safety related to machine with Single phase preventer, Over load preventer.

Technical Data

MODEL PPM-800D PPM-1000D PPM-1200D PPM-1200D PPM-1500D PPM-1500D
Main Motor (HP) 60 75-120 150-180 220-270 340-420 540
Batch Capacity KG. 13-20 24-45 60-90 75-120 100-150 150-200
Production Kg./Hr. 80-100 170-200 400-600 700-1000 800-1200 1000-1600