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Fibre Cutter


The Panchal Fiber Cutter Series is a range of high-performance machines designed for gentle and thorough granulation of thin fiber. Ideal for various applications, these machines feature a solid, durable rotor crafted from a single piece of metal, capable of handling even the toughest materials while ensuring a gentle granulation process that minimizes fiber damage.

The Panchal Fiber Cutter Series offers user-friendly features and easy maintenance, making it a top choice for high-performance fiber cutter grinder. If you seek a durable, easy-to-use, and maintain fiber cutter grinder machine suitable for various applications, consider the Panchal Fiber Cutter Series for a gentle granulation process that safeguards your fibers.


  • Special Hollow Rotor
  • Robust Cutting Chamber
  • D2 Steel Knives
  • Front and Tangiable feeding for fibre/yarn/POY/FDY
  • Heavy Duty Hopper
  • Outside Bearing Housing
  • Safety interlock
Hollow Rotor

The Hollow rotor enables more blade surface to quickly reduce fibre/yarn/POY/FDY.


Plastic & fibre Grinder Rotors
Grinder Rotor

Heavy duty open rotor for Yarn, Fibre, Cloths etc.

Plastic & fibre Grinder Rotors
Control Panel

Control Panel is consisting of all safety related to machine with Single phase preventer, Over load preventer.

Technical Data

Main Motor (kW) 10 15 22
Cutter House Opening (mm) 375 X 200 600 x 200 600x 200
Rotating Blades 4 4 4
Fix Blades 2 2 2
Production ( Kg./ Hr.) 150-200 250-300 400-500
Rotor Type hollow hollow hollow