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Friction washer are pivotal in the plastic recycling industry. These cylindrical machines, powered by an inclined high-speed screw, efficiently dewater and cleanse plastic materials like film flakes and granules. Enclosed within a robust stainless steel screen, the friction washer diligently separates fines and water from the ground material, ensuring a meticulous cleaning process. The material, fed into the machine at the lower end, undergoes rigorous washing, emerging purified and ready for reuse at the top outlet.

What sets these friction washer apart is not just their effectiveness in removing contaminants like dirt and oils but also their minimal maintenance requirements, making them a practical and economical choice for businesses looking to streamline their plastic recycling operations. With our advanced friction washer, your recycling process can achieve unparalleled efficiency, ensuring high-quality recycled plastic materials for various applications. Explore our range of friction washer today for sustainable and environmentally friendly plastic recycling solutions.


Special Design Features
  • Mainly used for the washing of plastic film & plastic flake after shredded.
  • The dirty material or sands will be removed by the centrifugal force producing by the high-speed rotating of the main shaft.
  • The blades in the main shaft use anti-wearing steel & can be changeable.
  • Seperate Bearing block from Water contact
  • Dynamic balance rotor for sturdy run.


Friction washer
Screen Basket

Technical Data

MODEL PPM-40-150FW PPM-40-230FW PPM-70-250FW PPM-70-450FW
Main motor power (KW) 11 22 30 37
Rotor diameter (mm) 350 350 650 650
Type Incline Incline Incline Incline
Production Film (kg/hr) 300 700 1200 1500
Production Flake (kg/hr) 800 2000 3000 4000