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LDPE Film Washing Line

LDPE plastic waste washing machines are a sustainable solution for reducing plastic pollution and conserving natural resources. These machines clean and recycle LDPE plastic waste, such as film and woven bags, into high-quality recycled plastic flakes that can be reused in a variety of applications.

  • LDPE plastic waste washing machines typically operate in the following steps:

  • Shredding: The plastic waste is shredded into small pieces.
  • Washing: The shredded plastic is washed and rinsed multiple times to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants.
  • Flotation: The plastic is separated from other materials, such as metal and glass, using a sink-float tank.
  • Drying: The plastic flakes are dried in a horizontal dryer and thermal dryer to remove any remaining moisture.
  • Bagging: The dried plastic flakes are bagged for recycling.
  • Description

    Special Design Features
    • The LDPE washing system was created to wash film or thin material with contamination.
    • Grinding machine is specifically designed for film or thin materials to produce standardized particle sizes that are easy to wash and dry.
    • Friction Washer is used for remove dirty and sands by the centrifugal force producing by the high-speed rotating of the rotor.
    • Sink-float tank is used for floating material like film/lables like LDPE/HDPE/PP etc on the top and at the bottom all the sink material ilke PVC/PET/PC etc. both have different Discharge point to collect different material, based on density.
    • The moisture content of the finished product is regulated by horizontal dryers and thermal drying systems. The material is ideal for high-quality pelletizing at a moisture content of less than 5%.

    Technical Data

    500 200 500 8 280 0.5 0.75
    1000 400 700 12 700 0.5 2.25
    1500 600 900 18 1300 0.7 4.5
    3000 900 1200 30 2300 1 9
    6000 900 1200 30 2300 1 9