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Milestones are the legacies that we make and therefore they define our presence.

18th October 2020
Mini Shredder ( Blow and Injection Small lumps)
  • The PPM-400S Single Shaft Shredder is a mini type shredder, with pneumatic pusher. It can shred hard plastic, sheet, small lump. you can crush LDPE, HDPE, HD, PP, PET, PVC…
26th July 2016
HDPE/PET Mini Washing line
  • Economical Version for Hard Plastic Washing, we have developed Mini Washing line. you can Watch Video
15th July 2013
MLP Recycling ( Mulitlayer laminate plastic recycling)
  • Multilayer laminate Plastic Recycling plant with advance and economical way.
16th April 2007
Edge Trim Recycling Machine ( Blown trim Recycling machine)
  • Panchal Introduce Edge trim Recycling Plant for side trim waste of Multilayer and Monolayer plant.
15th March 2007
Pipe Grinder/Granulator( HDPE 100)
  • Panchal Introduce Pipe Granulator for HDPE 100 material. Pipe dia. 630mm x 1000mm x 50mm Thickness. Model PPM-1200x800 with 270 HP motor.
1st Feb 2003
Single Shaft Shredder
  • Panchal introduce Single Shaft Shredder for all type of Industrial waste like Plastic, Rubber, Wood, E-waste etc.
16th Aprill 2000
PET Pelletizing Plant
  • Panchal introduce PET Pelletizing plant from clean flakes to chips.
1st May 1998
PET-Washing Line
  • With the vision of making Rushil a complete décor brand, the founders purchased land at Chikmagalur for the company’s MDF factory.
21st March 1998
Double Shaft Shredder
  • Panchal introduce Double Shaft Shredder for Drum/Barrel of 100ltr and Car bumper.
14th February 1997
Screen changer (Piston type)Hydraulic
  • Panchal Introduce Screen changer for polymer filtration hydraulic type
18th July 1996
Densifier Machine for Polyester yarn, fiber etc.
  • Panchal Introduce Densifier machnine for polyester yarm fiber, poy etc.
28th October 1995
IN-Line Recycling Machine
  • Panchal introduce In-Line Recycling Machine for production waste and plant waste like film, tape etc. 3 in 1 recycling machine i.e. combination of Cutter-compactor (agglomertor) with Extruder and Die-faec Cutter water ring type for next generation.
12th June 1990
Die-Face Cutter Water cooling (ring type)
  • Panchal introduce Die-faec cutter Water ring type with spin dryer for face cutting for all type of polymer like LDPe,HDPe, PP, HIPS, PC etc....
14th December 1989
Die-Face Cutter Air Cooling
  • Panchal Introduce Die-face cutter Air cooling for face cutting from extruder and cooling system for cooling granules like LDPE/HDPe/PVC etc.
26th January 1986
Mixer (Blender)
  • Panchal Introduce Mixer for plastic granule and master batch.
15th August 1985
Grinder / Granulators
  • Panchal Introduce Grinder / Granulator for grinding plastic film, crates, drums, bottles etc.
16th April 1985
Extruder with Strand Pelletizer
  • Panchal introduce Extruder with Strand Pelletizer for recycling of Plastic waste in to granules
1st May 1981
Agglomerator / Densifier Machine
  • Panchal developed Agglomerator / Densifier machine for Plastic Film for Indian Plastic Industry