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Mixed Waste


Plastic recycling operations inevitably generate substantial trim and waste materials, posing challenges for disposal.

When dealing with single-type waste like LDPE or BOPP, or even mixtures like LDPE + HDPE, reprocessing is a viable solution.

However, the recycling of laminate waste, such as PET/PE (Polyester film laminated with LDPE), presents unique difficulties. Conventional recycling isn't feasible, leading to incineration and harmful smoke emissions.


Our innovative approach offers a solution. Panchal Plastic's plastic recycling machines can transform this challenging waste into valuable extruded products suitable for various applications.

These include flooring, architectural sheets (e.g., office partitions), corrugated roofing, slats for benches and chairs, and any extruded sections requiring mechanical load-bearing capabilities similar to the applications mentioned. The resulting product exhibits mechanical properties between General Purpose Polystyrene and HIPS.


Our four-stage process involves:

  • 1-stage : Compaction: Waste is compacted through agglomeration, grinding, or shredding, followed by extrusion.
  • 2-stage : Drying: Granules are dried, mixed with bonding/compatibilizer and other additives.
  • 3-stage : Extrusion: The material is extruded into final usable shapes.
  • 4-stage : Lamination: For a decorative finish.

The addition of fillers or other additives may be considered in stage two, depending on the application and waste type. The use of a compatibilizer and precise control of process parameters are essential for successful recycling. Our cost-effective, indigenous compatibilizer helps keep the overall process economical.

Due to the presence of various inks in the PET/PE film laminate waste from the conversion industry, the reprocessed product is likely to have a darker color (e.g., dark green/grey/black), with some color variation due to metallized film in the waste.

Major pieces of machinery are listed below:

  • Shredder / Agglomerator / Grinder Machine
  • Dryer
  • Mixer/Blender
  • Extruder (profile/sheet)

These machines play a crucial role in our recycling process, ensuring efficient waste management and sustainable production.