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Versatile pelletizer machines employ a dry cut strand pelletizing method, delivering top-notch cylindrical pellets or micropellets from plastic melt. These systems are highly adaptable, catering to diverse applications tailored to each customer's specific requirements.

he cornerstone of pelletizing systems is the dry cut process. By eliminating the need for water, these systems minimize contamination and uphold product quality. This approach yields pellets with an impeccable, consistent surface, primed for subsequent processing.

Opt for feed pelletizer machines to enjoy a host of advantages, including exceptional pellet quality, flexible design, elimination of water contamination via the dry cut process, uniform pellet surface, and suitability across a wide spectrum of applications. If you're seeking superior pelletizing solutions, the pelletizer machine price is competitive, offering cost-effective options for your needs. So, whether you're wondering, "What is a pelletizer?" or require a cutting-edge solution, our pelletizing systems have you covered.


  • Shortest possible unguided section from feeding unit to cutting unit
  • System configuration suitable for soft, brittle and abrasive polymers
  • Quick and easy access for cleaning and servicing, quick product changeover
  • Quick exchange of tools and rollers
  • Consistent pellet quality


Pelletixer Rotar cutter
Pelletizer Rotary Cutter

Technical Data

MODEL PPM-150-150 PPM-200-150 PPM-200-200
Main Motor (HP) 3HP 5HP 10HP
Production Kg/Hr 150-200 kg/hr 250-300 kg/hr 350-400 kg/hr