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Panchaal's dry cut strand pelletizing systems are a tried-and-true method for producing high-quality cylindrical pellets or micropellets from plastic melt. The systems are versatile and can be adapted to a wide range of applications, depending on the specific requirements of the customer.

The key to Panchal's pelletizing systems is the use of a dry cut process. This process eliminates the need for water, which can lead to contamination and quality problems. The dry cut process also results in pellets with a smooth, uniform surface, which is ideal for further processing.

Panchaal's dry cut strand pelletizing systems offer a number of benefits, including high-quality pellets, versatile design, dry cut process that eliminates water contamination, smooth, uniform surface, and wide range of applications.


  • Shortest possible unguided section from feeding unit to cutting unit
  • System configuration suitable for soft, brittle and abrasive polymers
  • Quick and easy access for cleaning and servicing, quick product changeover
  • Quick exchange of tools and rollers
  • Consistent pellet quality


Pelletixer Rotar cutter
Pelletizer Rotary Cutter

Technical Data

MODEL PPM-150-150 PPM-200-150 PPM-200-200
Main Motor (HP) 3HP 5HP 10HP
Production Kg/Hr 150-200 kg/hr 250-300 kg/hr 350-400 kg/hr