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We are the leading manufacturer of Plastic Dana Making machine.We specialize in handling all types of scraps, including batteries, moulded items, hard plastics, and soft film grades such as polythene bags. Our range of machinery includes agglomerator mixers, washing machines, grinders, extruders, tanks, cutters, etc. We offer both vented and two-stage extruders, as well as face cutters and auto loaders, all designed for optimal performance.Our state-of-the-art plastic dana machines are capable of producing 100 to 1500 kgs per hour for PVC, PP, PE, ABS, and PC materials. Please note that prices may vary based on the size of the plastic dana machine you choose.Choose our high-quality plastic dana machines for efficient and reliable plastic recycling.

We are Plastic Recycling Machinery Manufacturer From Gujarat, manufacturing Granules Making Machine, Plastic Dana Making Machine, Extruder machines for multiple types of industries

We are offering every one of the kinds of plastic extruder machine which is broadly utilized in plastic enterprises for various application regions. Our Plastic Dana Making machines are best reasonable for LLDPE/LDPE/HDPE/PVC and so forth and are offered at cut-throat costs.

Material Types of Plastic Dana Making machine:

  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • HM
  • HIPS
  • PP
  • PC
  • ABS

Material Types of Plastic Dana Making machine:

  • Film/Rolls
  • Sheet
  • Monofilament
  • Raffia
  • Textile
  • Carpet
  • Powder
  • Foam

Panchal Extruder is a reliable machine that produces high-quality granules with a guaranteed output.

We offer a wide range of products. This unique technology was specifically designed to meet the growing demand for plastic in the industry. It is well integrated with advanced technology and can be customized to meet different client requirements. The waste polymers can be efficiently processed and used to make products for different industries. Because of its high output rate and low power consumption, the recycling plant is highly recommended by industries. The plant is manufactured in accordance with industry standards using high-quality components and materials. Plants have PLC control for easy operation, VFD control to alter motor speed, screw, barrel for moisture removal, and an excellent inbuilt production capability.

A wide range of high-performance, versatile granulators. Every Panchal Granulator is designed to provide cost-effective granulation with high-quality regrind every month. There are many options for both central and beside-the-press granulators. These can handle virtually any type of plastic waste. Guillotine Systems is also available for recycling edge trimmings. We also offer shredders to handle pipes, lumps, and other compact waste. We offer a wide variety of accessories that allow us to customize our granulators to meet your specific needs.

Plastic Dana Machine: Our cutting-edge plastic dana machine technology ensures efficient processing of plastic waste. We offer the best plastic dana machines in Ahmedabad at competitive prices. Contact us now for the most competitive plastic dana machine price.

We manufacture a variety of products. Granules Making machine by Panchal Plastic caters to various areas of plastic processing.

Types of Plastic Dana Making machine (Extruder) we make:

Extruder With Strand Pelletizer:

Panchal EX-Series Extruder with strand Pelletizer is one of the proven and sturdy machine which give quality granule with guaranteed output.

Extruder With Die-Face-AIR Cooling Type:

Panchal die-face cutter AIR cooling system offer an advantages to re-granule the plastic material such as LD, HM, LLDPE, PVC, Lubra, Compounds, Masterbatch and filler.

Extruder With Die-Face-Water Ring Type:

Panchal die-face cutter WATER ring type system for Compounding and Master batch & regranule the plastic material such as LD, HDPE, HM, ABS, PS, etc.

Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine (3 in 1 Recycling Plant):

Panchal Cutter Compactor Plastic Recycling Machine is for In-house waste called production waste generated during production of film, tape, etc. as this machine is also capable to recycle Pre & Post consumer waste which is washed before using in process.

This machine is combination of Cutter Compactor (Densifier) + Extruder. This machine has better processing compare to traditional trend.

Extruder is available as a single-screw extruder with & Without degassing – series

  • NV – Non-degassing
  • SV -Single Degassing/Vent
  • DV – Double Degassing/Vent
  • DHV – Double High Vacuum Degassing/Vent
  • High-performance and flexible plastics recycling

Extruder Double Stage-Mother-Baby Type:

Panchal Double Stage Extruder is for processing waste which is highly printed or high gas formation during reprocess.This machine has 2 stage extruder 1st Extruder has longer L/D compare to 2nd extruder.

Process of this machine is feed to 1st extruder and filtered and removed gas and melt purge in to 2nd extruder for further granules.

Edge Trim Recycling Plant:

Trim-Series The new Edge-Trim has been designed specifically for use with blown film (Multi-Layer or Mono Layer) to provide small, energy-efficient, non-obstructive recycling of edge trim. Its compact and ‘open’ construction allow for low maintenance, non-operator dependent and on-line operation. AC vector and direct-drive technology keeps energy consumption down. Plugs and sockets allow for routine maintenance to be carried out by the operator without the need to wait for dedicated maintenance personnel. An air pelletizing system is used for quick and easy access for cleaning while eliminating the problems associate with water-cooled systems. Film, Edge trim, Loose cut-outs, Flakes, Reels etc…

Force Feeder Extruder:

Forced-Feeder System with Vented Extruder with Die face cutter water cooling system for recycling of plastic material such as LLDPE, LDPE, HM, HDPE, PP, HIPS, PC, BOPP, OPP, PS,


Panchal tried and proven dry cut strand pelletizing systems produce cylindrical pellets or micro pellets of the highest quality which are ideally suited for further processing.

Depending on the application, pelletizers of the SPR series are used.

Die Face Cutter Water:

The DFW series of watering pelletizing systems are simple to run. Pelletizing of PE, PP, PS, ABS, and related plastics is one of their main applications.