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Single Shaft


Our single shaft shredder was originally designed for efficient plastic shredding, but its capabilities extend to various materials, including wood off-cuts and textiles. What sets this mid-range single-shaft shredder apart is its remarkable throughput rate, a feat achieved through a combination of the rotor and swing-pusher in-feed system, purposefully designed to guide materials into the machine.

  • Key Features:

  • High Throughput Rate: Our single shaft shredder excels at processing materials efficiently, ensuring productivity remains uninterrupted.
  • Versatility: While it was conceived with plastics in mind, it adapts seamlessly to other materials, such as wood off-cuts and textiles.
  • Tailored Solutions: The rotor's geometric shape is customizable, allowing us to select the most suitable cutting blades to meet your specific processing needs.

  • Whether it's plastic recycling, industrial material shredding, or waste reduction, our single shaft shredder is a reliable choice. At Panchal Plastic, we're committed to providing high-quality recycling equipment that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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    Designed for plastics

    The Single Shaft Shredder has been designed exclusively for efficient recycling of polymer materials.

    Energy saving: A Single Shaft Shredder followed by a grinder/granulator is a solution that is very energy effective. Compared to a solution with a single large grinder/granulator for the job, the Single Shaft Shredder in combination with a optimized grinder/granulator do the job much more effective.

    V-CUT cutting technology: The unique V-CUT Technology, is a combination of V-knife cutting angle, cutting speed and sequential cutting. It provides a best shredding solution for plastic materials.V-CUT provides a sheer and smooth cut with low stress and therefore requires less motor power.

    Hydraulic PUSHing system: The pneumatic PUSH-system is auto-regulating, efficiently absorbing vibrations and mechanical stress that occur in tough applications. The special hopper design allows material to feed directly into the rotor.

    Special gear box design: The Single Shaft Shredder design contains no compromises. Its unique cutting technology together with a Special gearbox requires lower motor power for the job, minimizing energy consumption.

    Easy cleaning/access: The design puts handling in focus. Cleaning the machine for new materials or colors is easy. Just remove a front side plate, and you have quick access to the machine’s interior.

    Screenless operation: As the material is cut into uniform pieces, the Single Shaft Shredder operates with & without a screen, although screens can be installed as an option when smaller chip sizes are required.

    Easy maintenance: The front opening makes it possible to access the rotor of the machine fast and easily. All knives, rotating and fixed are easy accessible. The rotating knives are reversible and are of cassette type, simplifying maintenance.

    • Plastics — Various rigid and flexible plastics including Mouldings, Purgings/Lump, Profiles, Films etc.
    • Timber/Wood — Pallets, Joiners Waste, Green Waste etc.
    • Paper & Cardboard — Confidential Documents, Production Waste, Packaging Materials etc.
    • Rubber — Skeletal Scrap, Production Waste etc.
    • Non Ferrous Metals –
    • Packaging Materials — Cardboard
    • Copper Cable — Household, Telecoms and Industrial Cables including S.W.A.
    • Aluminium — Used Beverage Cans (UBC’s), Swarf, Cables etc.
    • Textiles — Carpet (Rolls & Tiles), Garments etc.
    • Security Destruction — Counterfeit Items, Faulty Goods, Out of Date Stock etc.
    • Foam — Production Waste etc.
    • Mixed Household & Commercial Waste — RDF/SRF Production
    Technical Benefits
    • V-CUT cutting technology
    • Hydraulic PUSHing system
    • Special gear box design
    • Easy cleaning/access
    • Screenless operation
    • Easy maintenance
    • Control Panel with advance technology


    Plastic Shredder
    Shredder Rotor
    Plastic Shredder
    Control Panel

    Technical Data

    MODEL PPM-400S PPM-600S PPM-800S PPM-1000S PPM-1200S PPM-1500S PPM-2000S
    Main Motor (HP) 10 20/30/40 20/30/40 20/30/40 20/30/40 20/30/40 20/30/40
    Knives Size (mm) 14/24 25/40/75 25/40/75 25/40/75 25/40/75 25/40/75 25/40/75
    Rotor Speed (rpm) 60-100 60-100 60-100 60-100 60-100 60-100 60-100
    Hydraulic Pusher Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Rotor Diameter (mm) 250 300 300 300 300 450 450
    Cutter House (mm) 400/400 600 x 750 800 x 750 1000 x 750 1200 x 750 1500 x 750 2000 x 850
    Production (Kg/hr) 50-75 200-250 300-450 400-600 500-900 800-1500 2000-4500