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Panchal Plastic Sink-Float Tanks revolutionize plastic recycling with exceptional efficiency. These state-of-the-art plastic washing machine and plastic washing machine stand are meticulously engineered to sort plastic waste based on density, ensuring a high-quality product ready for recycling. Operating on the principle of density, materials with lower density gently float to the top, while higher-density materials sink to the bottom. This meticulous process guarantees effective recycling, enabling businesses to efficiently recycle various plastic materials.

At the core of our innovation are the advanced features of our plastic washing machine and the durable plastic washing machine stand. These components play a pivotal role in the seamless operation of our Sink-Float Tanks. The washing machine ensures thorough cleaning, while the sturdy stand provides stability and support, making the entire process efficient and reliable.

Our Sink-Float Tanks stand as a testament to our commitment to sustainability. More than mere machines, they embody our dedication to offering efficient plastic recycling solutions to businesses. These versatile tanks handle diverse plastic separation tasks, from films to bottles, and even plastic within mixed waste streams. Panchal Plastic Sink-Float Tanks serve as a reliable choice, enhancing recycling processes and transforming plastic waste into valuable resources.

Precision engineering is the cornerstone of our technology, ensuring optimal separation while minimizing environmental impact. Investing in our Sink-Float Tanks signifies embracing a future of sustainability and responsible waste management. With our machines, plastic recycling becomes more than a choice; it becomes a responsibility. By choosing Panchal Plastic, businesses align themselves with a cleaner, greener world. Join us in transforming challenges into opportunities and waste into worth. Let's create a future where recycling, supported by innovative components like our plastic washing machine and plastic washing machine stand, is a shared responsibility we wholeheartedly embrace.


A Sink FLoat Tank is ideal for PE/PP/PET/PVC/ABS/HIPS/PC bottle recycling.

The PET Flakes will sink to the bottom while other material such as plastic wrapper and bottle cap flakes with float, Another application is mixed plastics streams.

Rigid PP/PE or film has a lower density making the plastics float while contaminatnt particles with sink to the bottom to be discarded.

  • Effective separation of different specific densities
  • Dosage unit for density adhjustment of the water with salt for example.
  • Compact design


Sink Float plastic washing line
Cutting Technology

Technical Data

Tank Width (mm) 1000 1500 1800 2200
Tank Length (mm) 3000 4000 5000 5000
No. of Paddle 3/4 3/4/6 4/6/8 4/6/8
Total Power (HP) 1.5 3 7.5 10
Production in LDPE (kg) 300 500 750-1000 1500-2000
Production in PP/PET (kg) 400-500 800-1000 2000-3000 5000-6000