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The Panchal 600, 1000, and 1350mm in-line granulators are dedicated to the direct recycling of waste from thermoformed plastic packaging material.

They cut whole foil, skeletal foil, and partially punched foil into high-quality regrind at up to 1,000 lbs./hour.

The granulators' fully integrated Roll Feed System draws in a continuous sheet of waste directly from the thermoforming machine.

Web in-feed is automatically synchronized to match the thermoforming machine speed.

Highly effective soundproofed encapsulation cuts noise significantly.


  • The rotor assembly has a diameter of 250 mm / 10" and motor sizes of up to 20HP are available.
  • Staggerd Rotor Design for sheet and thermoformed sheet waste.
  • Roller feeding Device with auto start-stop system
  • Online system working with thermomforming machine also provided
  • Curved Backwall with more are for large volume parts
  • Specially developed 3rd knives/blades -deflector wedge
  • Strong Welded Steel construction
  • D2 Steel Blades/Knives
  • Heavy duty bearings & Housing out of cutting chamber
  • Tilt Back Hopper with Auger (optional-hydraulic)
  • Jig Fixture for Knives to adjusted outside of the machine
  • Safety interlock
  • Dropdown Screen Cardle on front side


Plastic Grinder Rotor
Grinder Rotor

The A-Series Cutting technology is able to cut most plastic film, Tape, Fabric & Bags. Everything is cut to the desired particles size.

Plastic Grinder Roller Feeder
Roller Feeder

Technical Data

Main Motor (HP) 15-30 30-50 50-75
(Cutterhouse (Inches) 25x600 25x1000 25x1350
Production Kg./Hr. 200-250 300-500 500-600
Screen hole (mm) 8/10/12 8/10/12 8/10/12
Rotor Type Open/ Staggerd Open/ Staggerd Open/ Staggerd
Blower with Cyclone* 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP