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The Turbo-wash replaces the pre-washing tank of the first-generation washing plants. The machine is designed according to the principles of a Vertical centrifuge and includes a combination of washing and a subsequent initial drying action. It is therefore possible to process very dirty pre-shredded material with high paper content and Aluminum foil residues. The Turbo-wash also improves the recovery rate of the Sink Float Tank.


Special Design Features
  • Dynamic ballance Rotor for sturdy performance.
  • Drum Side wall with Pocket screen increase the drying and cleaning efficeincy.
  • Heavy duty welded machine steel construction.
  • Isolated bearing housing to keep away water to reach to the bearing.
  • Replacable Rotor.
  • Effective high friction washing.
  • Less Water Consumption.
  • Batch Process.


Turbo Washer
Washing Rotor

Technical Data

MODEL PPM-24/30TW PPM-32/39TW PPM-40/42TW PPM-48/50TW
DRUM SIZE (INCHES/MM) "24"" (600mm)" "32"" (800mm)" "40"" (1000mm)" "48"" (1200mm)"
ROTATING TYPE High Friction High Friction High Friction High Friction
MOTOR HP 25 HP 50 HP 75 HP 120 HP
PRODUCTION /OUTPUT KG/HR* 100/150 300/500 500/800 1000/1200