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Vertical Mixer Screw

Portable type

Vertical plastic color mixers, also known as VMSP plastic mixers, are versatile and efficient machines used to mix master batch plastics, raw materials, and recycled materials in a variety of industries, including plastic injection, recycling, extrusion.

VMSP plastic mixers work by using a rotating screw to mix the materials together. The screw is typically equipped with paddles or blades that help to break up the materials and create a homogeneous mixture. VMSP plastic mixers can be used to mix a variety of materials, including:

  • Virgin plastic granules
  • Master batch granules
  • Recycled plastic granules
  • Description

    • The stainless steel mixer barrel.
    • The operator and the plastic mixer machine are both secure thanks to the safety security system.
    • Mixers have a high performance and use little energy.
    • A 24-hour timer is used to monitor the mixer’s working time and to automatically stop the unit.
    • The machine’s optimized configuration makes it simple to operate, clean, and maintain.


    Plastic Granuals Vertical Mixer
    Mixing Rotor
    Plastic Granuals Panel
    Control Panel

    Technical Data

    LITERS 200
    KG 120
    MOTOR (HP) 1 HP