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Vertical Mixer Silo

Screw type

A vertical mixer silo screw type is a piece of industrial equipment that is used to mix granules for a variety of applications, including the production of plastic products.

The vertical mixer silo screw type consists of a vertical silo with a screw conveyor at the bottom. The granules are added to the silo and the screw conveyor mixes them together. The mixed granules are then discharged from the silo through a valve at the bottom.

Vertical mixer silo screw type mixers are ideal for mixing bulk plastic granules in a variety of industries, including plastic injection, recycling, and extrusion. These mixers offer a number of benefits, including efficient mixing, uniform mixing, and a gentle mixing action that prevents the materials from being damaged.

The vertical mixer silo screw type has a number of advantages over other types of mixers, including:

  • High degree of mixing: The vertical mixer silo screw type provides a high degree of mixing, which is essential for producing high-quality products.
  • Gentle mixing action: The vertical mixer silo screw type uses a gentle mixing action, which prevents the granules from being damaged.
  • The vertical mixer silo screw type is available in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet the needs of different applications.


    Specially designed for mixing Virgin + Master batch for homogenizes mixing for better processing extruder for better performance of color. Special tools design as per application.

    • Tank in Stainless Steel 304
    • Medium Rotor Speed
    • Automatic Timer setable 8-10 minutes per batch
    • Cnetral screw with removable section at the top and bottom.
    • Electronic control panel


    Vertical Mixer
    Mixing Screw
    Vertical Mixer control
    Control Panel

    Technical Data

    PPM-100 VSM 200 L 120 KG 1 HP
    PPM-200 VSM 250 L 200 KG 3 HP
    PPM-500 VSM 850 L 500 KG 4 HP
    PPM-1000 VSM 1650 L 1000 KG 5 HP
    PPM-1500 VSM 2450 L 1500 KG 7.5 HP
    PPM-2000 VSM 3600 L 2000 KG 10 HP
    PPM-5000 VSM 5000 L 3000 KG 15 HP
    PPM-8000 VSM 8000 L 5000 KG 15 HP
    PPM-10000 VSM 10000 L 6000 KG 15 HP
    PPM-12000 VSM 12000 L 7200 KG 20 HP
    PPM-15000 VSM 15000 L 9000 KG 20 HP
    PPM-16500 VSM 16500 L 10000 KG 20 HP
    PPM-20000 VSM 20000 L 12000 KG 20 HP
    PPM-28000 VSM 28000 L 17000 KG 30 HP
    PPM-40000 VSM 40000 L 24000 KG 40 HP
    PPM-50000 VSM 50000 L 28500 KG 50 HP